NPORS 360 Teleporter


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Course Objective


Practical and Theoretical operational knowledge of a Telescopic Handler according to
legislation and manufacturers instruction.

Additional information

Additional information

Course Date

5th October 2023, contact us for upcoming dates

Course Description & General

Conform to manufacturers requirements as per the operator’s handbook/manual, other
types of information source and relevant regulations and legislation.
• Name and explain the purpose of principal components, the basic construction, controls and
terminology, size and types of Telescopic handler.
• Undertake all pre-start, running checks and shut down procedures, mount and dismount,
according to manufacturer’s handbook/manual.
• Stability factors in unladen/laden condition. Be familiar with and understand load centres
and charts, safety devices and applicable legislation.
• Prepare and configure the Telescopic Handler for site and road travel. Place the machine in
an out-of-service condition.
• Awareness of on-site hazards.
• Travel in a forward/reverse direction, through restrictions, on level ground, undulating
ground, and inclines in an unladen/laden condition.
• Load types and characteristics.
• Use different attachments including Winch, Forks, Bucket & Man Cage.
• Set and Position the Telescopic Handler to lift various loads to within its full working range
including slew. Transport loads. Ensure load integrity and security.
• Place and retrieve loads using full 360 operations.•Place and retrieve loads accurately onto Towers, vehicle beds, stacking procedures. Keep within safe working parameters.
• Explain loading/unloading procedures for machine transportation.