Slinger & Signaller Training (CSCS)


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Course Objective


The plant training and assessment programme enables experienced plant operators to gain recognition for their achievements by the way of certification, and provide an opportunity for participants to demonstrate their skills, knowledge and attitudes associated with plant operations, which provides suitable certification.

Additional information

Additional information

Course Date

10th May 2024, 11th May 2024, 17th May 2024, 18th May 2024, 22nd May 2024, 24th May 2024, 25th May 2024, 28th May 2024, 31st May 2024

Course Date

9th August 2022, 13th August 2022, 20th August 2022, 27th August 2022, 23rd September 2022, 7th October 2022, 14th October 2022

Course Description & General

O’Reilly Training Ltd CSCS course for experienced operators to demonstrate their competence in the selection of appropriate lifting gear. CSCS safety Training Courses for, banksman, slinger banksman, slinger signaller, slinger and signaller.


  • Relevant Health & Safety Regulations
  • Corrective Training
  • Theory Exam
  • Practical Exam

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